Cut & Paste

October 2017

The aim of this project is to explore how collage in either two or three dimensions can be used effectively in a design context.
Source and gather a collection of materials that have the potential to be collaged, assembled, constructed and deconstructed.
Look at how designers (and artists) use collage and construction in their work. Present this research in a sketchbook, on an A2 sheet or in a digital format. Develop a theme or focus for your work. You may be inspired by the qualities of the source material that you have gathered, for example by printed imagery, pre-existing text or simply by its tactile, decorative or textural qualities.

Develop your ideas towards one of the following outcomes:
• A piece of pattern suitable for a textile design, either flat or in low relief created from paper and/or mixed media
• A decorative design detail that could be applied to either a garment or an interior object of any kind
• A piece of body adornment, perhaps consisting of multiple repetitive elements, constructed at full scale
• A series of sequential, narrative images either in the form of an extensive storyboard or as a group of well composed & considered individual illustrative works
• A piece of graphic design that focuses on colour and letterform. Consider the context and message as well as an innovative way to display this
• A short animated sequence using collaged elements
• A 3D tableaux, set or environment, perhaps with moveable, interactive elements.

I began this project by researching different types of collage and paper arts. I focused on the garment/jewellery or tableaux/animated sequence outcomes, finding artists that fit into these themes as well as gathering visual imagery. In particular, I looked at origami, since I thought the medium would be interesting incorporated into jewellery or sculpture.

Using a pattern from a book, I made a few origami rabbits. I initially planned to only do a few, but ended up experimenting with a variety of different sizes and materials. The biggest is made from A2 paper, the smallest is made from paper only a few centimetres long. I really liked how they looked by themselves, but looked for ways to expand on them.

Alongside the origami, I was looking at different materials and how they could be cut up into shapes. I particularly enjoyed using a pack of fabric samples as they were somewhat embossed but could be cut up easily. I cut the papers into strips and used them to make simple 3d shapes that could be potentially made into jewellery, although by this point I had decided to focus on the origami and make a small set piece. When the bunnies were unfolded, I found that they created a variety of odd shapes in the folds of the paper, which I would use later in the project.

I made a plan that allowed me to colour the rabbit before folding it up, so that different parts of the body were different colours. Then I made one that had fabric attached to all its flat sides. Finally, I covered one in papier mache, though this took away from the typical origami look.

The first set was made from mount card and fabric samples, and was styled like a mosaic using the shapes from the origami. I thought this was a very interesting effect. I initially planned for this to be my final outcome, but didn't feel it was substantial enough and made another, although by this point I had run out of the fabric samples I enjoyed using. Instead, I found a variety of cushions, cut them up, and used them for the fabrics instead, although I still preferred the fabric samples they did provide more variety in the texture.

The final outcome was inspired by the roundabouts in my hometown and was constructed with mount card and some very good glue. The edge was painted to look like a road, and text was used for the white lines and curbs. All the shapes used on the top face were taken from the unfolded origami. The centre circle was made to be able to turn around when pushed - sadly I didn't have the technical knowledge or time, otherwise I would have made a handle to turn it from the back. Overall, I am very happy and proud of how this project has come out.