ThalFolio - Artwork Diary by Haley Brunton - Dundee Guidebook

Dundee Guidebook

January 2018

Find and research an aspect of Dundee for a visual guidebook that you will design and produce. You can be original about what features / aspects of Dundee you portray. Create all of the imagery within your book and compose each page well (perhaps with text). Organise your pages thoughtfully and compile into a useable guidebook, using good production values.

Your work should not be constrained by narrow or rather dated definitions of Graphic Design or Illustration. See yourself as an innovative Communication Designer, using skills that cross boundaries. Push yourself to be original and creative and to attempt to develop greater / new skills. These attributes (as evidenced in well-attempted and well-presented project work) are what the programme leaders of Graphic Design and Illustration seek in potential entrants.
Presentation requirements:
• Your (primary & secondary source) research from the first week- drawings, paintings, sketchbooks, photographs, etc. Selected works can be mounted simply.
• Your development work, page layouts.
• Your completed guidebook, fastened in a pocket to a sheet of card.

This project asked for us to explore Dundee for inspiration for our guidebook. I quickly found myself drawn to text and started looking for graffiti or posters.

I experimented translating the text to printmaking, I thought the rough style of the prints and the ability to layer different texts on top of one enough. I started off using polystyrene to make the plates, which while effective, broke easily. I looked at different kinds of paper to print onto.

I decided to make the actual plates out of lino. Although it was more fun to work with, I don’t think the quality of the prints are particularly better, I also didn’t have much lino so I had to make the prints very small. This gave me the idea of printing directly into a booklet to make my piece.

Ideally, I would have liked to be more experimental with my prints, layering them and trying different, and planning them out better. However, I was very pushed for time, and relief prints take a long time to try.

The final booklet consists of the names of streets or areas within Dundee, with the typography inspired by something within that area.

However, the booklet would not be dried for the submission time, and I was not particularly happy with the quality of the final product. I decided to create an alternative booklet, this time digitally. To do this, I scanned in each of the pages and cleaned them up online.
I wanted to make sure the pages were bold and simple, with still with the distinct texture of the printing. I tried to adjust each one separately to make them look more interesting.

The final product was a very simple, clean and professional looking booklet, and interesting contrast to the content it was inspired by. Despite everything, I am very happy with how it came out.