September 2017

Observational drawing offers a foundation to design work that cannot be matched by other means. Drawing directly from primary sources is an immediate sensory encounter that provides the material upon which the creative process relies...The aim of the project is to ultimately create an innovative, 2-dimensional outcome that’s been developed from well observed and richly informative drawings.

Working solely from your observational drawings, begin to develop new imagery. Alter / re-work / expand / enhance your source imagery into new works whilst remembering to preserve the best qualities of your original drawings. This creative process could stem from a single study or from several.

Submission details - A minimum of four A2 sheets of observational drawings. A minimum of four A2 sheets of creative / visual development. One outcome, mounted onto an A1 sheet- this can be either a single piece of consist of multiple parts.

As part of my first project at DJCAD I was tasked to draw from a variety of sources, both man-made and natural.

These images would be later developed into a final artwork. Initially I focused on the colours, textures and patterns of the original objects. In particular, I liked the bold blue of the chair and its wrinkles, and the circular shapes in the engine part. I kept notes on all the materials (or mixtures of materials) I used so I could use them in future.

After that, I deconstructed the objects, trying to gather as many basic shapes as I could. By this point I decided to aim for a children’s book style illustration, mixing the shapes with the patterns and colours. I started to put the shapes back together, to make small scenes, characters, and animals.

I created by final piece by getting sheets of paper and colouring them, then cutting out the shapes. I had initially hoped to make a series of 3 A3 illustrations, but was only able to finish one due to poor time management (and the oversight that 3 A3 pages would not fit nicely on an A1 page…).

Although I was not able to do as much as I could, I was very happy with the result and want to make a series of illustrations in this style sometime in the future.