ThalFolio - Artwork Diary by Haley Brunton - Amber Autumn

Amber Autumn

Febuary 2018

Working in pairs, you will create a storyboard within 30-35 frames/panels, capturing the dramatic interaction of two characters based on observational drawings. Once the storyboard has been completed you will capture the storyboard digitally and create an animatic.

Pairs will begin by exploring character interaction through observational drawings and research.
During this time you should consider important movements and the way in which people interact and use body language to show varying emotions and actions as well as their facial features.
With the aid of sketchbook work and research you will create an idea for a storyboard 30-35 panels in length exploring the dramatic interaction between two characters. When creating the storyboard you should make thumbnail drawings in your sketchbook or use post-it notes to consider which options will give the most interesting and dynamic camera angles and important movements. Once you have created the final draft you will capture the storyboard digitally and use your preferred software to edit the timing to create an animatic or moving storyboard.

Submission Details:
• Final storyboard and a work in progress animatic to be presented at a group crit on Tuesday 6th of February.
• Life Drawing examples.
• Development work in sketchbooks highlighting the process and observations.

In my first collaborative project, we were asked to make a storyboard and animatic of two characters. We decided on two teens walking together at night, one of which transforms into a werewolf but turns out be be friendly anyway.
We spent the first few days working out the character's designs.

Next, we started developing the story, first using post-it notes to plan it out, then drawing onto the storyboard. We ended up diving the work in two, I did the start and ending.

The storyboards were scanned and cleaned digitally by the delightfull Rhiannon, so that they could be edited for use in the final animatic.

After all the frames were arranged, I added some rough animations to add clarity.

Finally, we sourced some sound effects and background music as we felt this would add to the mood of the short. The final animatic can be found below.